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Commis Chef Fermain Valley Hotel Guernsey

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Commis Chef Fermain Valley Hotel Guernsey


1. Main Purpose of Job
To prepare and deliver recipes as required in conformity to the Companies high standards and demonstrates a commitment to quality, maintaining a clean, orderly and sanitised kitchen, encompassing all food hygiene and safety standards.
2. Main responsibilities
a. Cook consistently and enthusiastically to a high standard
b. Follow the daily preparation list as requested by senior chefs
c. Cooking and preparation for each service, staff meals and all general duties assigned by the Head Chef, Sous Chef and Chef de Partie
d. Maintaining cleanliness of kitchen environment to conform to health and safety instruction of designated section
e. Ensure all food is treated an labeled correctly in daily use and section
f. Keep control of your responsible section and report orders for food and nonfood to the Sous Chef
g. Perform additional responsibilities as may be requested by the Head Chef, Sous Chef and Chef de Partie at any time.
h. Ensure that deliveries are matched to purchase orders and goods are of sufficient and necessary quality.
i. Maintain all the cleanliness standards required of them as per HASAP and make sure their subordinates are also dressed accordingly
j. Any other duties as directed by your superiors

3. Specialist Skills/Special Aptitudes/Qualities
a. Minimum 1 year work experience
b. Skills in preparation and presentation of baked good are also important
c. Food Hygiene Level 2

4. Job Requirements
a. Good written and spoken communication skills
b. Accuracy and attention to detail
c. Excellent presentation skills
d. Be able to work to tight deadlines
e. Be able to prioritise
f. Cool under pressure
g. A flexible and adaptable approach to work
h. The ability to work on your own initiative
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5. Work Pattern

As necessary to complete the duties stated. The job is usually hotel based.
6. Key Contacts
a. General Manager
b. Head Chef
c. All Hods, Managers, supervisors and employees of the hotel
d. Head Office Personnel
e. Suppliers

7. Customer Care
a. Maintain excellent internal and external customer relations by ensuring the provision of efficient and friendly service at all times
8. Security
a. Ensure the security of stock, company property, your work area and company premises are adhered to strictly to all company and hotel control procedures
b. Bring to the immediate attention of your line manager any potential areas of insecurity, or loopholes, of which you become aware
c. Report any thefts, suspicious incidents or behaviour, breakages or damage to property or equipment to your line manager, and take any appropriate action immediately

9. Health & Safety and Legal
a. Understand and comply with the company’s policy on health and safety
b. Carry out duties in a safe manner having regard for the health, safety and welfare of self, team members, guests and other persons on the hotel premises
c. Comply with the hotel’s fire evacuation procedure, understand your responsibilities within it, and ensure your team members do the same
d. Comply with COSHH regulations when handling chemicals, and ensure you handle relevant chemicals in an appropriate manner
e. Understanding, following and recording of HACCP and all other legal requirements within a kitchen environment
f. Ownership of all health and safety requirements for your department

10. Created in April 2018

This job description is a guide to your duties and not meant as an exhaustive list. It may also be subject to change.
It is a requirement of the hotel and company that employees make themselves available for training and communication meetings as required for which advance notice will normally be given.
I have read and understand the above.
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